Comedian Tim Sample discusses

‘Amazing Music of Mainers’

WCSH 6 - ‘207’ - December 7, 2010

Producer Con Fullam on

FOX23 - ‘Good Day Maine’

December 13, 2010

“The musicians range from international superstars including Dan Fogelberg, Don McLean and Noel Paul Stookey, to local legends such as Devonsquare, Schooner Fare and David Mallet. Sales of this CD support the Maine Credit Unions' Campaign for Ending Hunger. Fullam hopes it is popular enough to serve 1 million meals

to Maine families in need.”

‘Songs in the key of 207 for a couple of worthy causes’

By Bob Keyes - November 21, 2010

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“Jon Paradise, spokesman for the Maine Credit Union League of Maine, described ‘Amazing Music of Mainers’ as an important fundraiser to help lessen hunger.’We believe these CDs go perfectly with what we're trying to do, blending Maine history and artists lending their music to help,’ he said. ‘That's what the Maine Credit Union Hunger campaign is all about.’ With the still challenging economy, the need for help continues to rise, he said.”

‘Musicians team up with Maine Credit Union

to help feed the hungry’

By Bonnie Washuk - December 1, 2010

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“There just wasn’t one definitive place to find it all, a greatest hits of Maine, so to speak. Well, now there is, a new double CD just released titled ‘The Amazing Music of Mainers.’  It’s all right here, from the artists mentioned above to Rudy Vallee crooning the ‘Maine Stein Song’ and Aztec Two Step’s ‘Highway Song.’ Throw in a couple of blues singers, sprinkle liberally with folk singers such as Noel Paul Stookey, Gordon Bok and Dave Mallett, blend in a homegrown band such as the Rustic Overtones and add a pinch of performers such as Paul Sullivan and Jude Johnstone, formerly of Ellsworth, and voilá – that’s good listening. Oh, and don’t forget a little comedy for good measure.”

‘The Amazing Music of Mainers’

By Earl Brechlin - December 8, 2010

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“The new compilation includes two discs and a booklet with information on the backgrounds, musical histories and connection of the artists to Maine. Fullam said it was difficult to choose the artists for the first volume, and that a second is ‘almost a sure thing.’ ‘It really is a historical record,’ Fullam said, noting that its songs trace back to Vallee in the 1920s, and reach to the present day with bands like Rustic Overtones. The participating artists have together sold more than 200 million records and accumulated hundreds of top 10 hits and at least 15 Grammy awards.”

‘Maine musicians, credit unions raise money for meals with new album’

By Alex Lear - December 14, 2010

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“The two-disc compilation of 26 songs includes musicians and artists spanning over a century of the state’s music history. Fullam feels confident that CD sales will be high. ‘Six dollars from every CD sale will go directly to the fund,’ he said. ‘My fundraising goal is to serve a million meals from the sales of these CDs and in order to do that we must sell 30,000 units.’ The songs are as varied as the artists that made them — from the opening track by Rudy Vallee, the ‘Maine Stein Song,’ originally made in 1929 to the more contemporary ‘Light At The End’ by Portland band The Rustic Overtones. The artists find inspiration in a variety of sources but all can be connected to Maine in one way or another.”

‘CD sales help state’s hunger prevention’

By John Wilson - December 16, 2010

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“‘The response from people has been remarkable.  Because of the eclectic mix of artists, this CD has something for every musical taste and generation.  The best part of all is that the sale of one CD purchases $72.00 worth of food to help food pantries provide food to the 13% of Maine people who would otherwise go hungry, including 1 in 4 Maine children.  Maine's credit unions are about helping the communities in which they serve and this CD captures the credit union philosophy of 'people helping people',’ explained Jon Paradise of the Maine Credit Union League.”

‘Fundraiser Off to an ‘Amazing’ Start’

By Maine Credit Union League - December 14, 2010

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“Included in Volume 1 are Midcoast artists Gordon Bok and Don McLean of Camden; Cindy Bullens of North Haven; and the late great Dick Curless, who spent a number of years in Rockland. Fiddler Don Roy, a Rockland native, also is included, as is jazz man Brad Terry, once a regular visitor to the Camden-area school system. In addition to these, Vallée and Rustic Overtones, "The Amazing Music of Mainers" offers selections by Noel Paul Stookey, Jonathan Edwards, Paul Sullivan, Aztec Two Step, Devonsquare, Schooner Fare, David Mallett, Malinda Liberty and the late Lenny Breau, Jud Strunk, Dan Fogelberg and Bill Chinnock.”

‘Amazing music from Maine: Compilation raises hunger-relief funds’

By Dagney C. Ernest - December 22, 2010

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“You always hear that Maine is a haven for artists, but one new album says it loud and clear. The Amazing Music of Mainers is an aptly named compilation of hits from Maine-based musicians produced by Con Fullam of Port City Productions and Maineville Publishing. From Rudy Vallee’s rendition of the “Maine Stein Song” to Rustic Overtone’s “Light at The End,” the more than two-dozen tracks provide an audio tour of the state’s musical talents over the past century. Styles range from the bagpipes of Schooner Fare to the guitar-picking of Lenny Breau to the piano-playing of Paul Sullivan — even the comedic talent of Tim Sample. In total, the artists featured have sold more than 200 million records worldwide and have won more than fifteen Grammy awards. On top of being an immensely entertaining album that every Mainer should own, a portion of proceeds will also go to the Maine Credit Union League’s Ending Hunger campaign.”

‘Maine Melodies’

Down East Magazine - February 2011