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Aaron Benward and Kim Swan had an instant connection and immediately knew they were like-minded when they met at a Florida performance of Benward's band, Blue County.  They were introduced on Benward's tour bus by a mutual friend and within moments were laughing and relishing in the fact that Aaron and his wife, Kenda, had spent their honeymoon in a beautiful, oceanfront B&B in Bar Harbor, Maine. "Breakwater" was literally in the backyard of Kim's parents' home that she had grown up in. 


Their friendship grew over the next few years as they saw each other at different award's shows and venues.  A childhood friend of Kim's was an employee of Chevy's ad agency which was a huge supporter and sponsor of many country music events including the CMA's and Aaron's band at the time, Blue County. Their paths continued to cross on several occasions in Nashville and New York City at country music events. 


Kim was a fan of Aaron's music and talent and Aaron was a fan of Kim's entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit.  Blue County traveled to Bar Harbor three times over the past 4 years to perform benefit concerts underwritten by Kim, to promote some favorite charities.  These visits were one of the summer's highlights for everyone and provided more time for Kim and Aaron to discuss their futures and their dreams.  

One fateful afternoon on the day of a Bar Harbor concert, the band members and friends enjoyed their traditional lobster lunch and then all dispersed.  Kim and Aaron ended up on a park bench overlooking Bar Harbor's beautiful bay but hardly noticed the view because they were in a deep discussion of Aaron's dream to publish his own music and start writing a lot more songs.  They talked about the interesting similarities between the music publishing business and the real estate business, which was Kim's forte.  On that afternoon the seeds of Maineville Publishing were planted. 

Over the next several months Aaron and Kim worked on legal aspects and goals and aspirations for their company until on January 1, 2008, Maineville Publishing was a member of ASCAP, a legal Limited Liability Corporation and the start of an exciting enterprise.  The due diligence of a new business would be focused on for the next year and then in 2009 things started to fall into place.  Maineville has partnered with Kobalt Worldwide to do all administration of copyrights but also has extensive relationships with recording artists, record companies, and recording studios. Recently, Maineville has branched out into film and television with placements on the Rachel Ray Show, The Making of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Project Runway. 

In 2010 Maineville songs have been put on hold for some of Nashville’s biggest stars.  After the tragic Nashville flooding, Maineville and friends held a fundraiser in Portland Maine for the Nashville Humane Society featuring four Maine artists, Jason Spooner, Joan Kennedy, Con Fullam and Mike Abbott.  Mike Abbott became the first Maine singer/songwriter to have songs under the Maineville Publishing flag. 

Closing out 2010, Maineville co-produced and Kim and Aaron are the executive producers for a new CD compilation project with Con Fullam’s Port City Productions entitled The Amazing Music of Mainers.  Sales of this CD will help the Maine Credit Union’s Campaign to End Maine Hunger. 

The future of Maineville Publishing is bright and limitless and we invite you to jump aboard for the wonderful ride. 


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